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Writer's Block: Above and beyond

What do you think happens after you die?

Mmmm...After I Die?
People Will go on with their lives...I Mean,there´s just too many problems now...And they have to solve it...
I´m a Lonely person...So,i don´t think i´ll have people crying for me..
But Seriously,i don´t even know who i am...
So i just don´t know what´s going to happen after i die..A lot of things..I Think
Stefan & Caroline


Im Laura and i want you to know me...How? Well,my music.
so i´m going to post some songs that i listen,so you can know me...For me,music is life and joy for the soul.
Here 15 songs:
-Sympathy For The Devil (Neptunes Remix)- The Rolling Stones
-Blinding-Florence + The Machine
-Night Of The Hunter (Flood Remix)-30 Seconds To Mars
-Dont Panic-Coldplay
-Imprinting-Howard Shore
-Drumming Song-Florence +The Machine
-Are Friends Electric?-The Dead Weather
-Make This Go On Forever-Snow Patrol
-Your Love-Keane
-Pelicuar People-MuteMath
-Yesterda-The Beatles
-When Anger Shows-Editors
-Crown Of Love-Arcade Fire
-Hearing Damage-Thom Yorke

So,Now you can judge me...

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Writer's Block: Be true to your school

How do you feel about public versus private schooling?

In my country,the public school isn't so good,so i study in private school...I know we shouldn't be paying for school but you know,its worth...
Also  public schools (Here in Colombia)  are violent and there to many students,also teachers aren´t so good...But in private school,everything is so opposite,so here in my country is better private school even if you have to pay a lot for it...
It shouldn't be like this.